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"Mr President, the situation in Mozambique is of the greatest urgency. Each day, each hour of delay costs many lives. There are only a few helicopters available to save tens of thousands of victims. The water levels continue to rise. Starvation and epidemics seem inevitable. It is as if the whole world is looking on, helplessly. The question is whether the Commission has reacted with sufficient alertness. I must admit that I have my doubts about this. Commissioner Nielson is flying out today. In European terms, this may be swift action, but given the emergency in Mozambique, this is probably very late. Unlike a number of Member States, the European Union has promised only very limited aid so far. What options does the Commission have, to offer effective help fast? What could emergency and reconstruction aid consist of? Can Commissioner Patten update us on the international coordination so far? Why was it not possible to come to the rescue with a larger number of helicopters sooner? The international community could also help Mozambique in an act of generosity by cancelling its debts, not only because the country has adopted a relatively sound policy, but especially because the extent of human suffering makes this absolutely essential."@en1

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