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"Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, on 22 February, ETA struck again in a brutal attack in Spain with the murder of Fernando Buesa Blanco, the General Secretary of the Socialist Party of Vizcaya and the spokesman of the Socialist Party of the Basque Parliament, and Jorge Díez Elorza, his bodyguard. The same day, I conveyed my own and the European Parliament’s deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to the victims’ families. These men paid with their lives for their commitment to democracy. I utterly condemn this act of barbarism that is unworthy of any civilised society. The rule of law and the respect of rights and fundamental freedoms are the principles on which the European Union is based. Terrorism, whatever form it takes, is unacceptable. In expressing the hope that these men will be the last victims of ETA, I call on this organisation finally to cease resorting to violence and to use the democratic channels that exist in Spain. I would ask you, ladies and gentlemen, to observe one minute’s silence in memory of Fernando Buesa Blanco and Jorge Díez Elorza."@en1

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