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". Question No 43 by Patricia McKenna (): The Boyne Estuary is designated a Special Protection Area (SPA) under the Wild Birds Directive and is under consideration for designation as a Special Area of Conservation under the Habitats Directive, as it is an area of international importance. However, the Department of the Marine, Louth County Council and Drogheda Corporation have allowed the development of a new port in the SPA and even the elimination of a mudflat at Stegrennan recently added to the SPA specifically at the Commission's insistence. What is more, a very large warehouse has been constructed, in respect of which it is proving difficult to secure access to the planning permission and other infrastructures are planned by the Drogheda Corporation. How can the Commission ensure that this sort of development financed through the Structural Funds does not conflict with the nature conservation needs of the area? Is the Commission ready to suspend funding completely, pending a review of the development plans of the area?"@en1
"Subject: The Boyne Estuary and the Drogheda Port Company"1

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