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"Mr President, Commissioner, the European Union’s regional policy has, until now, not been able to interpret, in any significant way, the existing differences in our inhabitants’ incomes. We have a serious situation in which in the European Union today, there is a genuine link between unemployment and poverty, as demonstrated by the very worrying fact that unemployment has reached, on average, 23.7% in the regions worst affected, regions which also happen to be poor areas, whilst in the 25 regions with the lowest unemployment, corresponding to the richer areas, unemployment stands at just 4%. Given this situation, the report approved by Parliament must highlight the need for measures that aim unequivocally to fight relative poverty and unemployment: measures such as the appropriate use of structural funds for these purposes, which are often misspent, with centralised state policies and the modernisation of telecommunication and communication systems, with the particular aim of integrating the least developed regions into the Trans-European rail Networks, which are due in 2007. There should also be measures that respect and develop the resources and capabilities of these countries’ agriculture and fisheries, which are often harmed by the European Union’s own insensitive policies, as well as the promotion of active policies to create jobs, particularly for women and young people. Only through the decisive application of this kind of measure will we be able to overcome social and regional inequality, which is not the historical product of inherent defects but of marginalisation and economic policies which have had harmful effects."@en1

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