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"Mr President, Commissioner, I would first like to thank the rapporteur for his excellent work and for having taken due account of the proposed amendments while the committee was debating it. The sixth periodical report gives a basis for assessing the implementation of the Union’s regional policy aims. The report shows that growth has been uneven, despite all our efforts. Very rapid growth is continuing in Central Europe. The strongest regional centres also continue to grow faster than the general European average, whereas many southern European and northern areas are developing considerably more slowly. We now require an in-depth analysis of why regional policy is not producing the desired result in all areas. Is the reason bureaucracy or is it because insufficient notice has been taken of interregional differences, long distances, climates that are too cold or too hot, sparse populations and austere conditions? How can the Union respond to the challenges of global development in a way that the less developed areas can remain a part of that development? It is also important to discover what the effects of Union enlargement will be on Structural Funds and the development of the Union’s more remote areas. The Member States must also bear in mind their responsibility. Some Member States have been in breach of the principle of subsidiarity and cut national regional funds when regional aid coming via the Union has been increased. This has chipped away at the results that regional policy has produced. In the future, we must also develop indicators so that measures can be targeted at the right time at the right place. For example, uncontrolled migration has not been given sufficient consideration. In this connection, too, weight has to be given to the decisive importance of SMEs as employers and forces behind regional development. It is absolutely essential that companies in areas developing more slowly adopt the latest technology and know-how. Our Group is in favour of adopting this report."@en1

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