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"Mr President, Commissioner, in the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, we upheld unanimously the criterion that it was of strategic importance and a matter of priority to support the interventions of the Structural and Cohesion Funds which are working for a better opportunity for jobs for the unemployed and for equality between men and women. Unfortunately, the excellent Schroedter report did not take account of this criterion, despite the fact that there is considerable evidence to show – as we shall see later in the Berend report – how, in fact, these funds are providing splendid assistance to the most backward regions in order to bridge the gulf that separates them from Europe’s most highly-developed regions. They are growing, but only in terms of GDP. They are increasing in competitiveness but they are not all experiencing an increase in wealth because there is no increase in employment and there are still differences in employment opportunities between regions. Commissioner, please read the opinion of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and treat it as a matter of priority, because this is our citizens’ greatest problem. Please take account, in strategic terms, in the revision and in the allocation of reserves, of employment needs, because this, fundamentally is what the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Funds require."@en1

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