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"Mr President, first of all I would like to thank the rapporteur, not least for being willing to include in the report the suggestions we made. Mr President, Commissioner, the guidelines are intended to help steer the Member States towards achieving the reform objectives contained in the programmes. However, contrary to their claim to provide guidance, the Commission’s proposals in this respect are reminiscent to a far greater extent of a catalogue of possible measures within the scope of the various policy areas. Nonetheless, their true purpose is to give direction and to set priorities. I agree with the rapporteur that unfortunately the Commission document contains too little in the way of recommendations to the Member States on simplifying administration, and I support the calls for negotiations to concentrate on promoting a favourable climate for labour-intensive, small and medium-sized enterprises, on setting clear objectives for alternative sources of financing including provisions for risk capital and private financing, and on start-up help for companies including new information technologies and investment in innovative fields. I am particularly in favour of a proposed amendment tabled by my Group to paragraph 10, to ensure an appropriate level of private sector involvement in the planning and implementation of the projects. I should be very grateful, Mrs Schroedter, if you would actually include this proposed amendment in the part relating to subsidiarity in your positive deliberations."@en1

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