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"Mr President, Commissioner, I too would like to commend the rapporteur on her report, which is a meticulous and substantive piece of work. The European Union’s structural and cohesion policies are, without doubt, essential tools for creating the right conditions with a view to tackling and reducing the levels of economic and social disparity between the regions. Despite the steps taken thus far, these levels are still very high, and are unacceptably high as regards unemployment. These policy objectives can only be achieved through their careful coordination and organisation on the basis of well thought-out and sensible guidelines. Let us not forget that when these policies are effective, they also benefit European citizens by directly improving their quality of life. Let us not forget either that greater consideration should be given to the islands and remote regions of the European Union because their geographical location is a hindrance to their economic and social development, unless of course the Commission is intending to build bridges or underwater tunnels linking them to the European mainland. In closing, I would like to point out that the structural policies as a whole require greater flexibility so that they can adapt to changing circumstances and thereby respond to the new challenges and opportunities of the new millennium, for which we all hope for the best."@en1

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