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"Mr President, the priority given to financial and monetary criteria reinforces the increase in inequalities of every shape and form. As far as French planning experts are concerned, for example, the most probable scenario today is that of the entrenchment of regional disparities within each country. Well, the Structural Funds have helped to apply a brake to this process. Our project of a Europe that aims to satisfy social needs envisages the convergence of living conditions towards the highest common denominator. Its implementation would certainly require extending the scope of redistribution instruments such as the Structural Funds. What we are proposing specifically is a unified capital tax, which would make it possible to boost the funds used to support the harmonisation of social protection systems and the reduction of working hours at European level. The Commission, however, though bound to issue guidelines, does so only reluctantly and in a vague manner. The report put forward today re-establishes its place in the political sphere. It is one of the steps towards a policy of employment and sustainable development. This is what persuades us to vote in favour of it."@en1

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