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"Mr President, I would very much like to thank Mrs Schroedter for the work she has done on this and to explain to colleagues that I am speaking for my colleague, Mrs Flautre, who followed this for the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs but who is unfortunately ill. I would like to draw people's attention to Amendments Nos 1 and 2 which were agreed by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs but not accepted by the Committee on Regional Policy, Transport and Tourism. These amendments deal with the social economy and the need to provide social risk capital and support financially local schemes to develop employment opportunities and strengthen social cohesion. In the past, this Parliament has viewed the social economy as an important potential provider of employment. These amendments also fit in with this Parliament's view that social exclusion is a serious issue needing constructive action. We hope that those considering rejection of these amendments have very powerful reasons to offer to both Parliament and their citizens who are seeking employment. In her report, Mrs Flautre also drew attention to an area where coordination is sorely lacking, yet desperately needed. The Commission proposals refer to the four pillars of employment strategy and the five fields of action of the European Social Fund. But the lack of specific guidelines here is particularly to be regretted, as the idea of linking Social Fund assistance to the employment strategy will be put into effect for the first time during the 2000-2006 programme. It could be said that the omission gives the impression that the Commission too has no idea how to provide maximum coordination between European Social Fund assistance, which is subject to review after three and a half years, and the Member States' annual national plans for employment. We hope that the Commission can reassure us that this was an oversight which is now being dealt with constructively."@en1
"Lambert (Greens/ALE ),"1
"deputising for the draftsman of the opinion of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs."1

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