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"Mr President, with your permission I should like to begin by expressing my admiration for the way in which you executed the quick changeover of the chairmanship just now during the debate. I thought that it was quite superb. On the subject at hand, I think that the people of Europe must be able to be confident that the goods – however dangerous they are – which are transported on Europe's roads, railways, and so on are as safe as possible. This directive is a contribution to this. What we are doing today is essentially a nuisance. The rapporteur, Mr Koch, to whom we express our thanks for the work which he has done on this, has already pointed out that basically everything could have been somewhat more advanced had it not been for the inactivity on the part of the CEN, which has been very dilatory in drawing up and adapting the directive. That is why we can only hope – and we should resolve all of this this week – that, in 2001, we will finally have Community regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by road so that we have a degree of legal certainty here and also so that our roads are a good deal safer."@en1

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