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"Mr President, colleagues, a happy new year and millennium to you all. I am speaking for the first time in this plenary part-session, so this is quite exciting for me, a little like first love, although that did last longer than two minutes. I would like to briefly comment on the Commission’s proposal to amend the directive on the transport of dangerous goods by road. It is good that this directive should be established now, as, otherwise, Member States would have to amend their national acts for a very short time, a period of transition, which would again mean unnecessary costs and which would once more increase concern with regard to EU bureaucracy. The Commission’s proposal, however, does not take account of all the facts, such as the cold climate that prevails in the northern regions. Consequently, I have tabled some amendments to Mr Koch’s intrinsically excellent report, which have been adopted by our committee. My amendments concern the frost-resistance ratings for tankers carrying these dangerous goods. According to the Commission’s proposal –20°C would have been sufficient. On the shores of the Mediterranean, it is hard to imagine that in Lapland temperatures can fall considerably lower than that. There is support for the EU in Lapland also, so let us remember them. I have thus proposed that the frost rating be lowered to –40°C. This would be necessary to keep safety standards at the level they were in northern regions previously. I hope my proposal will be taken into consideration in tomorrow’s vote."@en1

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