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"Madam President, the importance of transport safety is highlighted on a regular basis in this Parliament and rightly so. The ever increasing volume of goods passing through Europe entails all kinds of risks, known and unknown, for employees and the social environment. Those having to deal with these risks should therefore meet stringent requirements. The relevant standards which have been laid down in another Directive, 95/35/EC, seem sufficiently adequate to advise people in a responsible manner on the organisation of the transport of dangerous goods. I am very pleased that agreement has also been reached with the Council on minimum standards regarding examinations, although I would have preferred it if uniform, set standards and modules had been established, so that certificates would be of equal value internationally. This, however, does not seem feasible. Finally, the amendment tabled by the rapporteur is perfectly logical and I can, therefore, give it my wholehearted support."@en1

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