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"Madam President, first of all I should like to thank Mr Koch for his report which has, at its heart, the issue of transport safety. The report looks at the issue of harmonising the examination requirements for safety advisors working in the areas of transportation of dangerous goods by road, rail and inland waterway. I congratulate him on his excellent report. Transport safety has sadly been in the news recently: the Paddington rail crash in London, the terrible rail crash in Norway, the two aviation crashes involving EU citizens and the natural disaster involving the off Brittany – all within the last four months – remind us that transport safety can never be taken for granted and that those charged with protecting the public must be highly motivated and highly qualified. The rapporteur has pointed out to the House that in its common position the Council has accepted six of Parliament's ten amendments put forward at first reading and that the substance of Parliament's other amendments has been retained. My Group will therefore support the common position and looks forward to the enactment of the legislation which will provide us with yet another tool in our fight to make transport in the European Union as safe as possible. When it comes to safety my Group will always support any initiatives to improve transport safety. We still have a lot of work to do in this area as recent events have proved."@en1

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