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". Madam President, I would like to make it very clear that, above all, the Commission has absolute respect for the decisions of this Parliament and, amongst those, the decision establishing its agenda. We therefore respect whatever Parliament may decide. But I would also like to make it very clear that President Prodi made a commitment to this Parliament to introduce a new debate, as Mr Barón Crespo has reminded us, which would be in addition to the annual debate on the Commission’s legislative programme, on the broad areas of action for the next five years, that is to say, for this legislature. Madam President, I would like to say that the agreement reached in September distinguished this debate from the annual presentation of the Commission’s legislative programme. I would also like to say that the Commission is prepared and ready to hold this debate whenever it is convenient and that we were ready to do so this week as we had agreed originally, on the basis that it would be presented the day before in a speech to parliamentary groups. Therefore, Madam President, I would like to repeat that the Commission has debated the action plan for the next five years and, when Parliament decides, – this week if that is the decision – we are prepared to come and explain the programme for the next five years and, next month, the programme for 2000, which is what we fully agreed upon."@en1

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