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"This resolution sets out the concerns that must be shared by the world-wide community about the deterioration of stability in Pakistan and in its neighbouring territories. We are certainly right to regret the military take-over but it would be sensible to recognise that the new military regime is so far extremely popular within Pakistan. Pakistan clearly expects General Musharraf to succeed in stopping a long series of corrupt and illiberal factions. The Sharif and Bhutto regimes have misruled their country for many years. Certainly the military are tackling the financial fraud that exists on a massive scale with vigour. This motion speaks wrongly of the need for democracy to be reinstalled or reinstated. It should be a calling for progress towards democracy and proposing a practical programme for the European Union that will facilitate that progress. Fighting corruption is an essential first step. I trust that the Portuguese Presidency will use its renowned skills and experience to develop European Union appreciation of the problems that confront Pakistan and I would welcome Mr Lamy's opinion on the current status of the Cooperation Agreement."@en1

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