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"Mr Evans, I am happy to take note of the three points which you have raised. As regards the first point, we thought it best to ask the two candidates which system they preferred. We did ask them whether or not they wanted electronic voting to be used, given that generally, but perhaps even more so in this case, the vote could be a very close run thing, with a margin of only a few votes either way. In any case, as President, I did not want to have any disputes after the fact, with Members of Parliament saying that they had used the equipment incorrectly. This was extremely important to me. If both candidates had agreed to electronic voting, we would have gone ahead with that, but they did not. I can point out that voting using the ballot boxes took exactly, I have been told, twenty minutes. I think that is not excessive, and it will enable a ballot which cannot be challenged. On your second point, I think you noticed my frown. I was aware of the telephone call straight away, but it was not something I could do anything about. I did make it clear that this was not good form, and I hope the person in question has taken this point on board. On your third point, appropriate action will be taken because, again, this is not appropriate behaviour. These are matters which are unacceptable. So, a comment will be made. ***"@en1

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