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"Mr President, thank you for the statement you have just made which will remain imprinted in our minds as Europeans, and in our minds as female and male politicians. You have presented the difficult situation of your country with great candour and great clarity. You emphasised, I noted, the disasters of all sorts caused by drugs trafficking and you appealed to what I shall call our joint responsibility in eradicating this scourge. We have clearly heard your message. As you know, a few days ago in Tampere, an extraordinary Council of the Heads of State and Government of the European Union met and decided upon a number of extremely strong measures in this area. And then you explained how you intended to progress along the road to peace. You very powerfully expressed your wish to lay down, and I quote, “arms in favour of the power of argument”. I must say that I greatly admired what you had to say on this subject and I also appreciated the wish you expressed to establish a form of peace which strengthens democracy. In this connection, you mentioned a number of very courageous measures which, as you may have observed from the applause of my fellow Members, were greatly appreciated. We have heard, Mr President, your wish, your appeal, I would say, for close cooperation between us and your appeal for our assistance in your very courageous undertaking. Thank you for choosing the European Parliament as the place to launch this appeal, and may I assure you that this appeal has been heard and understood."@en1
"(The formal sitting was closed at 1.05 p.m.)"1

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