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"Madam President, García Márquez, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, wrote a book entitled “The General in his Labyrinth”. It referred to the life of the liberator, Simón Bolívar. Reading Annex IV of the European Council of Cologne gives the impression that, on the subject of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Council is also in the middle of something of a labyrinth. I am sure that the institutions will be capable in the end of finding their way out of the labyrinth, more or less willingly. The problem is not with the institutions which in the end will be able to find their way out of the labyrinth of the Council with regard to the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The problem is with the citizens, with the frustration which can be added to that which they already feel with regard to certain issues relating to European construction. I therefore believe that it is essential that in Tampere decisions are taken to clarify the situation, that they be steps forward with regard to the already positive decision taken in Cologne on the character, the content, the relationship with the Intergovernmental Conference and the procedures for the drawing up and approval, of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This Charter must be binding and actionable. It must reinforce the rights of the citizens and, at the end of the day, of European citizenship. It must encompass all those who live and work in the Union. It must be connected therefore with the Intergovernmental Conference, so that the Treaty of Amsterdam may be revised. This Charter must benefit from the active participation of the European Parliament, involving a sufficient number of its Members so that all the political tendencies of the Union may be represented. And above all, the Charter must be approved. The term “proclamation”, which was used in Cologne, is clearly insufficient. From here on – I repeat – we must ensure that the Council finds it way out of its labyrinth."@en1

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