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"Ladies and gentlemen, we have had some slight technical problems regarding the Minutes for yesterday’s sitting. Apparently, not all Members have received a copy. In this situation, given that a number of Members have not been able to obtain the Minutes, I do not think that I can ask you to approve the Minutes. This is one of the things that we are going to improve gradually in order to prevent a recurrence of this type of incident. So, we will approve the Minutes for both today’s sitting and yesterday’s sitting tomorrow morning. However, we still have one problem. You will recall that we had tabled a vote for this morning on the interpretation of the Rules of Procedure proposed by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs regarding the Technical Group of Independent Members, a mixed group. I will now turn to the representatives of this group. If Mr Dell’Alba thinks that, considering the absence of the Minutes, we should postpone this vote too, then this is what I shall do. That would be quite in order. On the other hand, if he thinks that we can proceed to the vote, then I shall give an explanation of the case so that all Members are properly informed."@en1

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