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"Ladies and gentlemen, as Mr Perry has just said, I think I can say that virtually everyone in this Parliament of course shares the feelings of our colleagues who are waving the banners concerned. This demonstration does, however, create a difficult precedent and though, today, there is great consensus on the Timor question, you will understand that this may not always be the case. Moreover, as I have already told you, we have tabled a debate on the subject. We hope this will be a truly serious debate, and I do not doubt it for an instant, a debate which will result in some conclusions on the political role which the European Parliament considers it must play in this situation. I shall therefore request you, colleagues, to be so kind as to put away your banners. The message has been received. But that will suffice, as we must take care not to set a precedent which may, in other circumstances, seriously impede the running of our House. Thank you for your understanding, and as an expression of thanks I am going to grant your request and propose that you stand to observe a minute’s silence for the victims in East Timor."@en1

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