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"(IT) Madam President, with regard to the resolution approved on Kosovo, and in particular with respect to point 11, which appears to be an opportunity for political dialogue between the different positions, I think that it is important, within the declaration of voting intent, to emphasise a certain number of aspects. One of these is related to the structure of the reconstruction agency in Kosovo. The fact that a decentralised, flexible structure for improving efficiency has been identified is very important, but this must be linked to a more comprehensive assessment. Since 1990, certain areas of Europe, Southern Italy, and, in particular, Puglia, have been suffering because of their geographic location from the effects of migration flows. The Kosovo conflict has further complicated this situation. In attempting to evaluate the situation, a more comprehensive assessment of the problem will be crucial, as will efforts to identify solutions which, within the flexibility of the structure, are able to highlight any aspects which may be linked to the problems of these territories of Southern Italy."@en1
"Fitto (PPE)"1

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