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"Concerning the Summit which closed the Council"s term under the auspices of the German Presidency, I would like to insist from the very outset on the very good work achieved by this Presidency within a perilous international context and in a period of ‘doubt’ in European opinion. There was no lack of seriousness and toughness. Who could think otherwise? Concerning the actual decisions taken, although I welcome the efforts devoted to employment and the decision on a ‘European Employment Pact’, I must state my unhappiness about the gains which were made and the concrete proposals put forward. I hope, therefore, that it represents a starting point (and not the point of arrival!).The overwhelming majority of the Right in Parliament, incidentally, will not make things any easier. The European Left will therefore have a fight on its hands to help the Council to implement its promises, and if possible, to go even further. Unemployment is still ‘an absolute evil’ in today"s Europe, destroying our society. We will see then, how this matter is followed up under the Finnish Presidency."@en1

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