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"(FR) Mr President, Mr President-in-Office of the Council, Mr Commissioner, we owe it to the people of Europe to tell them the whole truth about this dioxin business. In addition to this, we must finally obtain world-wide figures for this sinister matter. That is why I am asking for a Temporary Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry to be established, with the responsibility of ensuring that the whole range of problems is brought to the table, and that all the lessons to be learned from it are looked at. I can see at least three. The first would be to amend European legislation which has shown obvious shortcomings. There are some products which need to be banned, and some mechanisms which need improving. The second is the question of the notification procedure which did not work and which must be clarified, toughened up and improved. And here we come to the vital matter of inspection. This Europe of ours will not work, and there will be no confidence that Europe does work, if we are not able to move from this type of co-ordination of inspection towards a genuine Community-wide approach to at least some aspects of food inspection. From this point of view, Mr Prodi"s proposal for an authority or agency seems attractive. There is a need for an authority with specific responsibility for food safety, but it would have to remain independent, because we need both the Commission and Parliament to uphold the public interest in this matter. I would like to insist finally on the banning of animal bone meal. How many more times must we have the kind of accident that results from this practice before we put an end to this absurd system which leaves land fallow and farmers, who should be working in order to keep the heritage and the countryside of this Europe of ours alive, unable to work because we favour the use of recycled waste, particularly animal waste. This is an absurd and dangerous system which we should really bring to an end. I would like to end with the idea that behind this question, which is asked so often, lies the fundamental issue of the direction that farming is taking in Europe and around the world. We shall be reopening the WTO negotiations, and like everyone else in this Parliament, I expect you, the Commission to ensure that standards for health, the environment and society are set to limit and restrict this theory, which is becoming more and more dangerous, of a free market whose prime motive is profit. Europeans expect something better than this. Mr Commissioner, I would like to know if you are intending to propose a ban on animal bone meal and within what framework you think this measure might be possible."@en1
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