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"(DE) Mr President, once again, we are faced with unbelievable sloppiness and criminal behaviour and, in this respect, there are definite parallels with past events, with one difference however: the Commission has taken the lessons on board and has acted more rapidly than in the past. Some Member States, in this particular instance Belgium, are still taking preventative consumer protection far too lightly. Mr President-in-Office of the Council, after listening to your speech this morning, I hope that there will be jump forward in terms of quality in the Council and I also hope that this will become evident through actions and decisions over the coming months. The Commission has now submitted a number of good recommendations, in part, recommendations which have already been called for in relation to BSE. Therefore, Mr Fischler, you will be able to rely on this Parliament for its full co-operation and support as regards the questions of open declaration, the safeguard clause and also the positive list. But I should also say that I find it absurd if Member States which, in the past, have not observed European safety standards for example, now wish to prohibit the use of meat and bone meal in general or, if the Commission, as regards the question of the use of oils and fats, at the same time makes a general issue in a working document of the recycling of leftovers. In this event, we are heading from recycling systems which are in working order towards unresolved waste problems. One last point: I am opposed to the inflammatory ideas expressed by news agencies who say that the Commission is no longer required. This is my point: tell the Parliament what you expect of veterinary surgeons and inspectors, make sure that the notification procedures function more quickly and that the allocation of posts within the Commission is more flexible. In this way, we can bring about an improved system within the Commission which is also under the control of the Commission. Here in Parliament, we will make sure that, in the case of co-decision making, matters are dealt with smoothly, quickly and in a proper manner and do not descend into chaos."@en1
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