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"(FR) Mr President, Mr Commissioner, I would like to have been able to address the Commissioner for the Environment and other Commissioners too, because we know very well the harmful effects of dioxins on human health, and this is not merely an agricultural matter. It goes far beyond that. Along with many scientists, we estimate that the spreading of carcinogenic dioxins into the human food chain will undoubtably be the scourge of the next century. I really would like the Commissioner to hear what I have to say, because it is our job as well as his, within the framework of the policies which he will be putting into place, to find a way of integrating this problem into these different policies. We also believe that it is criminal to allow dangerous dioxins to spread into the human food chain. Recent studies have shown that mother"s milk throughout the world is contaminated by dioxin, and that nobody is immune. We also know that the main causes, the things spitting out most dioxins, are incinerators. In this matter though, given the considerable financial cost of analysing it, we do not yet know how many people on continental Europe are currently contaminated by dioxins, imagining that they are eating foodstuffs grown in a nice clean field, which are actually being grown near old incinerators still in use. The European Union is responsible for conserving human health and the environment. This is why we are demanding first of all, a totally efficient warning system. It appears that we do not currently have one, given that France did not immediately interpret the announcement of contamination published by Belgium as a health alert. We are also asking for a parliamentary enquiry. We know that when the announcement was made about the chicken ‘with dioxin in it’, consumers rushed out to buy fish, even though we know that fish are fed with the same food. What will be next on the list? We very much hope that the Commission will be able to tell us."@en1
"Isler Béguin (Greens/ALE)"1

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