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"(NL) Mr President, yesterday we were alarmed yet again, this time by news of increased dioxin-content in German cattle feed. The contamination, though less serious than in Belgium, is another appeal to producers and governments to act responsibly. I consider the European Commission"s strict measures in the recent crisis to be quite justified. It is right that irresponsible, indeed criminal behaviour, should be punished. However, punishment alone will not suffice. We must avoid such incidents in the future. The question is how? I do not think there is any point in setting up a new bureau after every food crisis. More bureaucracy does not automatically lead to increased food safety. Neither do I think that we should ban an ever-increasing number of cattle feed ingredients. If cattle feed factories are no longer permitted to collect waste fat from catering establishments, then who will? The environmental problems should not be underestimated. Well-integrated management of the food chain would be far more likely to prevent incidents of this kind from arising. It is very important to be able to trace the waste derived from cattle feed. This would also guard against one incident throwing the entire cattle feed sector into disrepute. It is, above all, the Member States that have an important role to play in terms of food chain management. If they are not prepared to take action for food safety, then the European Commission is powerless. Finally, I should also like to draw the Commission"s attention to the fact that Belgium"s ban on vegetable fats for cattle feed encourages fraud, owing to the limited availability of animal fats. Therefore, for this reason too, I support the call within the resolution to change to vegetable fats."@en1
"Van Dam (EDD)"1

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