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"Mr President, most of the contributions in this debate have been about the big global issues that appear on our television sets. I want to raise something with the Presidency which was in the small print of her remarks. It is something which affects millions of our fellow citizens in Europe, not once in a while, but every day of every year, and that is mental illness. I was so pleased when the Finnish Government decided to make mental health promotion one of their priorities for their presidency. That is welcome. It is important. It is important because as the World Bank showed, this is the fastest growing area of health burden throughout the world. It is important because as the United Nations has declared, it is to be one of the priorities for the UN for the next fifty years, as declared by Boutros-Boutros-Ghali, Secretary General. It is important because, as the Harvard World Bank report showed, mental disorder accounts for some 10.5 % of the global health burden and that is forecast to rise to 15 % by the year 2020. It is important because five of the ten leading causes of disability are psychiatric, with the first of those, unipolar depression, accounting for some 10 % of life with disability. It is important because psychiatric and neurological conditions cause 28 % of lives with disability. It is important because suicide is the tenth most important cause of death in the world – in the United Kingdom it is the ninth, ahead of road accidents. It is important because surveys show that one in three people visiting their doctors have a mental health problem but only one in six are diagnosed as such. It is important because one in seven of us have a mental health problem at any one time. One in three of us will during our lifetime. It is not a forgettable minority. Nothing is more important among all the Finnish pledges than their pledge to take up the cause of people and their families who suffer not just an illness or a disability but disadvantage and stigma too. We need to encourage good mental health. We need to help prevent illness and we need to educate peoples and governments in Europe that mental illness is not to be feared, not to be ignored. It can be cured, it can be treated and millions of our fellow citizens can lead full and fulfilled lives if we... (The President cut the speaker off )"@en1
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