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"(ES) Mr President, Madam President-in-Office of the Council, repairing the dramatic material and, above all, moral consequences of the Kosovo drama, collaborating with the International Criminal Court so that the crimes committed do not go unpunished, laying down the foundations for the economic development of the area so as to promote reconciliation between the Kosovan Albanian and Serbian populations, must be matters of the utmost priority for the European Union. Another priority must be the promotion of enlargement in order to safeguard the peace and political stability of the continent. To this end I have heard, Madam President, with satisfaction, that both issues are political priorities of the Presidency, together with the creation of a catalogue of human rights. I was also satisfied to hear, passing on to other matters, although no less important, of its concern about the creation of jobs and improvements in the well-being of our citizens. In the global world of today, job-creation measures, in order to be genuinely effective, must be adopted within a global framework. Hence the need for this Presidency to pay particular attention also to the preparation of the next Millennium round. Not only to continue with the deregulation of world trade, but also to provide instruments with which to fight fraud and dishonest commercial practices and to guarantee reciprocal compliance with the regulations governing international trade to achieve the simplification and generalisation of customs procedures under the auspices of the World Trade Organisation, in order, in a word, that the opening up of markets may constitute a genuine opportunity which will create jobs and contribute to the well-being of the citizens of the European Union."@en1
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