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"(FR) Madam Minister, since 11 February, when our Parliament reacted to the first news of the massacres in Kosovo, it has ceaselessly denounced the atrocities committed in that province, caught up again in that hellish spiral of violence and fear which has caused so much suffering through the systematic violation of a human being"s most basic rights, one of the first of which is that of being able to stay in the place where one was born, and to retain the culture one has grown up with. The dynamic reaction of the Union"s governments has been supported by the large majority of European citizens. Public opinion can be congratulated for the fact that, for the first time in centuries, a war has been fought, not in the defence of national or private interests, but in order that what is right should triumph. If many of us feared seven years ago, that Europe had been killed in Sarajevo, our President is all the more right when he says this morning that a new Europe should be born in Pristina. However, the political aim, which caused us to resort to force, is still far from being achieved. Peace needs to be rebuilt there. Allied soldiers, with their Russian partners, are on the ground to calm people"s fears and in time, to allow reconciliation to take place. They will only be effective if the whole of Europe, and its Parliamentary representatives at the highest level are up to the task of taking over from them. Nicole Fontaine committed herself this morning to contributing personally to this undertaking. I think that I am speaking on behalf of most of this Assembly when I say that we approve of this initiative, and that many of us would like to join her in this. It has been said that Parliament should provide itself with the means for this action through its budgetary powers. This is the message that several of us were expecting, because we were worried to discover the absence of any specific funds and feared that in these circumstances we might be tempted to rob Peter to pay PauI by sacrificing steps which were considered essential at the time the budget was set. I am therefore repeating the request that our colleague, Mr Poos, has just made. We know that the healthy management of the budget during the last Parliamentary term has left us with sufficient means to deal with Kosovo"s immediate needs. We fervently hope that this will be done."@en1
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