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"(IT) Mr President, between the devil of Milosevic and the deep blue sea of NATO: this is the feeling of most of the Serbian democratic opposition to Milosevic. Between the violence of Serbian paramilitary forces, the intimidation and violence of the KLA and NATO bombs falling from the sky: this is the sentiment of those Kosovo Albanian troops who chose to fight for their rights without resorting to violence. Against the NATO bombings and against nationalism and the homicidal and suicidal politics of Milosevic: this is the feeling of millions and millions of European men and women who hold the respect of human rights to be fundamental, wherever they have been violated: in Kosovo, Kurdistan, Palestine or Iran. These are the democratic, peaceful forces which should have been supported by the international community. Obviously, Milosevic had and has to be stopped, as the KLA had and has to be stopped, each responsible in different ways. Now, after NATO has destroyed and laid waste in the name of the defence of human rights, we must rebuild. We hope and wish to act in this Parliament so that construction takes place in such a way that human resources and the dignity of each side involved in the conflict are respected and valued during the process, and that colonisation by Europe or the United States World Bank is avoided. Kosovo must be reconstructed with its present and past inhabitants – both Albanian and Serbian – as protagonists. At the same time, Serbia and Montenegro and the infrastructures laid to waste and destroyed by air raids, must be rebuilt, and the damage to the environment investigated and remedied. The reconstruction of Kosovo must focus not only on the economy and trade, but also on the social, civil and democratic fabric. To achieve this, reconstruction must be carried out through the involvement of local communities, with exchanges between municipalities, universities, men and women of the European Union, Kosovo and the Republic of Yugoslavia. For the war to be truly erased from the picture, we must bring about reconciliation, create societies and build democracy. This is our challenge."@en1
"Morgantini (GUE/NGL)"1

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