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"(ES) Mr President, I must begin by emphasising that this Parliament has observed that the Finnish Presidency, from the beginning of its mandate, has shown independence and equanimity and has sought agreed solutions. These three attributes, which I wish to highlight, bode well for the success of this first Finnish Presidency and they will be needed, given the challenges which face it. And just a word about three matters which have been side-stepped and which are important for the South and for Spain. We must begin a dialogue with Mexico and Mercosur. And with regard to Morocco, those EUR 125 million must be released. Since it is impossible in three minutes to list all these challenges – the Presidency-in-Office of the Council has said that it is impossible to list its programme – I will limit myself to a few brief observations on some particular points. With regard to enlargement, we must be aware that events in the Balkans have changed the landscape, and in Helsinki we will have to open negotiations with other countries. In relation to institutional affairs, the Finnish Presidency has an enormous responsibility: that of initiating work which will lead to the conclusion of a statute on fundamental rights. But we should not forget that the mandate of the Cologne European Council meeting speaks of a non-binding statute which, initially, will not be incorporated into the Treaties. If our intention, from the outset, is to implement a set of binding rights, this would leave us with a minimal statute which will offer little to European citizens. With regard to the statute on MEPs, the Finnish Presidency – and it should be congratulated on this – has also shown respect for the fact that this initiative concerns this Parliament. With regard to the functioning of the College of Commissioners, I would like to say, from this Chamber, that we will not allow the individual responsibility of the Commissioners to be used as a weapon. Moving on to economic affairs, the matter of a tax on energy has been mentioned here. The Finnish Presidency knows that this is a disputed question and we hope it will make use of all its powers of conciliation in order that this taxation package might move forward, since it is of great importance to Europe. And I would like to say a few words on the question of the internal market. I hope that the internal market does not suffer as a result of this idea of bringing it into line with international agreements in areas such as electronic commerce. It is must be stated that the Tampere Summit must not become a Summit on immigration and asylum. Although this is very important and events in the Balkans have demonstrated the urgency required in this field, the Tampere Summit must be dedicated to developing a region which enjoys liberty, security and justice. We must be conscious of the fact that, if this development is to be harmonious, we must insist on the idea of ‘justice’, we must promote the European judicial network, we must be capable of making sentences effective and making the sentences immediate, both the criminal and the non-criminal ones, and we must facilitate direct relationships between judges. These are the challenges for the Tampere Summit and immigration, although important, must not be allowed to push them to one side."@en1
"Palacio Vallelersundi (PPE)"1

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