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"(FR) I would like first of all to thank Madam President-in-Office for her comments regarding the abolition of the death penalty. I believe that, on the Finnish initiative, the European Union is preparing to implement other initiatives on an international level, and I am grateful for that. The point I would like to highlight here concerns Kosovo. Nobody has spoken about it until now, but there is a problem which has not been confronted, or has not been confronted with the determination expected by the European Union. It is that of the three thousand Kosovan prisoners who were literally kidnapped by Mr Milosevic and his henchmen during the latter days of the international intervention in Kosovo and transferred by force to Serbian prisons. Nobody knows anything about these three thousand people. They are Mr Kurti, the former leader of the student movement in Pristina, Professor Oti, and three thousand other people who have literally disappeared. I would like to know whether, on the initiative of the Finnish Presidency, we may finally take determined action, with the support of the Red Cross and other international organisations, to oblige the war criminal Milosevic not to do what he has done so many times before: to use blackmail, to use these people who are now in his hands and about whom nothing is known, to once again oblige the European Union to drop the evidence. I believe that, before even talking about lifting the embargo, Mr Milosevic should be forced to release all of these people unconditionally. (Applause)"@en1
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