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"(DE) Mr President, Mr President-elect of the Commission, rarely has the formation of a new Commission been accompanied by such high hopes and expectations as has this one. The distrust between citizens and Commission, clearly caused by the inappropriate behaviour of individual Commissioners, is deeply entrenched. However, your appointment to the post of President-elect of the Commission, Professor Prodi, and the appointment of your team, which has now taken place, give cause for great hope. You are the first President of the Commission who will be able to transfer a Commissioner"s individual area of responsibility if he or she behaves inappropriately, and to dismiss the person concerned. This is a major step in the process of rebuilding trust. Even if the Commission does not reflect the majorities gained in the European elections, the reappointment of reliable Commissioners gives cause for satisfaction. The restructuring of areas of competence should also open up the way for greater efficiency and transparency. We will, though, in the interests of our citizens, be looking at each individual Commissioner extremely thoroughly. This will be a hearing though and not an interrogation. We need credible representatives for it to be a strong Commission. This is why we urgently need the relevant information though. It is necessary that the findings of the Committee of the Wise Men"s second report be distributed suitably in advance of the hearings. Otherwise, the seeds of a new crisis between Parliament and the Commission will have been sown. Any delay in the appointment of the Commission would not be in the interests of our citizens either. In view of the great tasks ahead, whether it is enlargement, the Intergovernmental Conference or reconstruction in Kosovo, the European Union must be able to act at all levels as soon as possible. (Applause)"@en1
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