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"(FR) Mr President-elect of the Commission, I would first like to reiterate the sense of esteem, respect and personal trust which some of us expressed when we voted for your investiture. We are still faithful to this fundamental choice and we would like to let you know that, in your difficult task, you will always find us to be speakers who are sometimes demanding but always anxious to help you and not to hinder you. I have found grounds for reassurance, if that be needed, in the fundamental approach which you have laid out, particularly – if you do not mind me saying so – with regard to institutional matters and I therefore have confidence in the action you intend to take and the approach you have indicated for the Commission. I would like to take advantage of this brief intervention to attempt to clear up a kind of misunderstanding. I do not want you to think, neither you nor your potential, possible or future colleagues – who can say – that concerns about you are dictated by national or partisan considerations. Let us not speak of national considerations. As for partisan considerations, it is clear that your Commission must represent the great political forces of the European Union, and on a Parliamentary level we must continue to work with all the large groups – and that does not mean just two groups – according to a policy of co-operation necessary for the success of our legislative work. What we are defending here – and what concerns us – are the rights of Parliament in relation to the European Council. We hope that the Commission that you embody is fully representative of that difficult balance between the European Council and the European Parliament. In conclusion, and I will finish here Mr President, we do not want to be, as if in a new version of Plato"s myth, the shadows in a cave where the true life is the European Council."@en1
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