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"(DE) Mr President, the serious and negative effects of the financial crisis and the slowing down of economic growth within the European Union, at a time of Economic and Monetary Union, have clearly underlined the need for the Cologne Employment Pact. It is no castle in the air, but a long overdue, concrete attempt to go beyond employment guidelines and achieve co-ordination of economic policy within the European Union, particularly with a view to promoting growth. We need structural reform in the European Economic and Monetary Union, in the European Union. However, it is equally important to achieve increased and more rapid growth. That is our aim. In this respect, the national governments are right, as far as the European Employment Pact is concerned, not to delegate responsibility for employment policy to the European Union. However, they are aware that in this age of globalisation a common solution must be found, and that is right. There should simply be more concrete terms of reference and guidelines. But I should like to ask something of the forthcoming Presidencies. We also failed under the German Presidency to improve the democratic legitimacy of Economic and Monetary Union dealings. We urgently need there to be inter-institutional agreement between the Council, Commission and European Parliament on the essential features of economic policy. In addition, we need the guidelines on employment and economic policy to be integrated, and we need the institutional framework for the European Employment Pact to be modified, something which is of great importance. In other words, it is more democracy that we need and not for the European Employment Pact to increase the democratic deficit, and this is what this Parliament demanded during the previous legislative period. As regards this demand, we must also... (The President cut the speaker off)"@en1
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