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"(ES) Mr President, with the passage of time, I believe that it will be seen that the German Presidency has had some successes. With the approval of Agenda 2000, I believe we have produced an agreement between those people whose unfair and selfish motto is and all those who, led by the government of my country, believe that the European Union is a political project with cohesion and solidarity as its cornerstones. I also believe that the Presidency reacted quickly in the face of the resignation of the Santer Commission and found that ‘one in a million’ which Mr Prodi appears to be. It also seems to me that the appointment of Mr CFSP, after the image which we projected in Kosovo, demonstrates at least that the Presidency wanted to shake up the European Union"s lethargic foreign policy and give it a new impulse. And this new stability plan for the Balkans seems to me to be a positive thing. However, Mr President, there is one thing which has reflected badly, very badly, on this Presidency. I refer to the reform of institutions. Mr Fischer, if there is one thing which all this morning"s speakers have agreed upon, it is the fact that the Cologne Summit does not form a basis for the reform of the Union"s institutions. We want the European Union to work, we want to maintain the principle of integration and we want it to be effective. The proposal of the German Presidency in Cologne, that is, to change the number of Commissioners, reconsider votes, perhaps to move in some areas from a unanimous vote to a qualified majority vote, is quite clearly insufficient. I will go further. You do not understand the protocol of the Union"s institutions. If you believe that there will be enlargement to more than 21 Members, profound institutional reform is required. What you proposed to us in Cologne was a limited reform. And not only I myself, on behalf of my group, but also all the other groups in this Parliament, say that this will only achieve one thing: it will obstruct the European Union. I therefore believe, Mr Fischer, that we in this Parliament are bored of so much verbiage. You came to us and said, and I quote, ‘I praise the role of the European Parliament and the revision of the institutions’. Let me ask you not to praise so much and not to laugh so much. Take note of what we do. We have a resolution dated 19 November 1997 in which we propose a method for the reform of the institutions. We told you of it and you have not taken it into account. Well, we will meet again in this Parliament, Mr Fischer, and you will see that this Parliament will be unanimous in its rejection of any reform which does not guarantee the effectiveness of the Union and guarantee that it really serves the interests of the citizens."@en1
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