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"(ES) Madam President, I would like to say something in relation to the Minutes. Yesterday, the Conference of Presidents and the political groups jointly registered an objection to the establishment of the so-called ‘Technical Group of Independent Members’ and I believe that the said objection should be explicitly recorded in the Minutes. I assume that the chairman of the PPE, who currently holds the presidency of the Conference, will have forwarded that letter to the Presidency of the Parliament. In any event, I would like to place my group"s objection on record. Furthermore, since I have the floor, Madam President, I would like to add that it is not appropriate to open a debate, based on rumours, on a subject which we will have to consider in turn on the agenda, for which I believe amendments have been tabled, and on which the political groups are still to give their opinion. It seems to me that we should debate each issue in its turn."@en1

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