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"(FR) Madam President, I will be very brief. I must congratulate you, on behalf of the outgoing Commission, on your election to the Presidency of the Parliament. What can I say about your personal qualities and your already long record in the quest for European integration? We know, because we know you very well, that you are a demanding character, but we also know that you have a profound sense of balance which will no doubt help us in the future to form a new approach with regard to the relationship between the European Parliament and the Commission. As you have indicated, I believe – and why hide it? – that this is one of the fundamental issues to be resolved. We are convinced that, under your authority, the next Commission will be capable of re-establishing that trust which has always been a fundamental asset as far as European integration is concerned. May I reiterate, Mrs Fontaine, my warm congratulations on behalf of the Commission. Thank you very much. (Applause)"@en1

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