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"I would like to announce that, pursuant to Rule 12(1) of the Rules of Procedure, the duties of oldest Member should fall to Mário Soares. However, he considered it appropriate not to carry out these duties as he is standing for President of the Parliament. Under these circumstances, the duties fall to myself. Ladies and gentlemen, I will be brief. It is not the first time that I have had to perform the duties of President of a Parliamentary Assembly, but it is the first time that this has been in the capacity of oldest Member, even standing in for an illustrious, older colleague, and I cannot disguise a certain feeling of embarrassment. I am, nevertheless, very grateful for the opportunity that this occasion affords me to welcome each of you very warmly to this Assembly, of which I have had the honour of being a Member for several years now, although most of my experience comes from my many years as a Member of the national parliament of my country, Italy. I believe strongly in the parliamentary institution, and I am especially convinced that the democratic legitimisation of the whole of the process of European integration rests on this Parliament, on the full recognition of its role, and also on its ability to collaborate with the national parliaments. We are aware of the fact that our Parliament has acquired wider powers and must acquire more. We must now make a decisive contribution to the reform of the institutions of the Union, to building an authentic European democracy. This is the task which unites us, beyond the substantial political differences which characterise us, and which will certainly be expressed in heated debates. In this hemicycle, our lovely new home, there will be brilliant reasoned debate and there will be competition, but we will never allow ourselves to forget the cause to which great personalities of European life have devoted themselves. Please allow me to mention, of all of them, a man from whom I have personally learned a great deal, calling to mind the ten years of battles he fought in this hemicycle, our beloved Altiero Spinelli. (Applause ) The cause which unites us, ladies and gentlemen, as we face difficult and exacting challenges, is that of building a more united, wider, stronger Europe, in order to ensure peace, freedom and justice throughout the continent. I wish you all every success in your work during the fifth legislative term. As I recall, the Rules of Procedure prohibit any discussion while the oldest Member is in the Chair, which is not strictly related to the procedures for the election of the President or to the verification of his credentials."@en1

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